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whither art thou, porn?

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Dear Porn Industry,

I know times are hard (heh). But I was checking out the AVN awards nominees, and boy, am I depressed.

They say success can be ruinous, and in this case, the success of my girl Hillary’s Brady Bunch parody has done a real number on the geniuses who are the creative forces behind the adult industry.

Yes, parodies hold a special place in the heart of both porn hounds and those who create them, but half the fun was butchering the name of the source of the parody. But this year we have a slew of parodies that borrow from the “Brady Bunch” idea, leaving the name intact: “The Jeffersons,” “Scrubs,” “30 Rock” … Come on now! You couldn’t do ANYTHING with “30 Rock”?!

For better and for worse, I expect more from porn. Having worked in it as a writer myself, I’m acutely aware of both the dearth of cleverness within as well as the little sparklers of genius that exist. I have read porn copy every bit as witty as any pop culture medium that exists, and that is why I know you can do better.

I know that porn is just like every other industry, and in hard times creative teams get laid off more than they get laid. Next thing you know, your douchey CEO is coming up with shit because his coke-fueled delusions, along with an inner circle of equally coked-up and delusional sycophants, have convinced him that he’s funny.

He’s not.

Let’s show some pride in our porn, people. And yes, I am available at a reasonable salary.


Olde Nasty

P.S. I didn’t think the Sarah Palin parody was particularly compelling, but I put it up there ‘cos it didn’t have naughty bits on it. And contrary to this post, this is not a porn blog.


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December 14, 2009 at 5:43 pm

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